6 Cheap Valentine’s Date Ideas for Parents

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Ahh date nights… Yes we don’t get to go on many of those. If I’m being honest, I hardly remember how a romantic (and not forgetting) quiet date night feels like.
Since H was born 2 years ago, we would be lucky to get 3 date nights a year. Fortunately, with Valentines Day coming up, we would have an excuse to claim a date night soon.
We are a little bit tight with expenses this year though and so I’ve put together a list of cheap date ideas that we can choose from. And if like me, one of your new year’s resolution is to look after your wallets, then hopefully you’ll find this list useful too.

Learn something new together  

I really like the idea of exploring new grounds together and as a result learning something new together. New experiences can only bring couples closer to each other as this can help you learn new things about each other. Now this could mean going on an adventure (budget-allowing of course), attending a workshop or class together, or signing up to a new cheap or free course together!

Take a trip down memory lane

Reminisce or talk about your relationship highlights. If you have a child/children, try to remember what it was like before you had them. Of course they are a highlight to your relationship but there is nothing quite like the honeymoon period. Dig out the old pictures if this would help jog your memory.

Cook a meal together

It has always been a challenge for me to try and get my husband to get involved in the kitchen. And so for me, it would be a romantic gesture just for him to even offer to help with the food prep sometimes even if it is only on Valentines day.    

Revisit your couple goals/plans and make new plans together

Call me whatever but for me, brainstorming and planning your future together – whether short or long term – is very romantic! I LOVE making lists and so in my opinion, putting your goals and plans together as a couple is an act of renewing your commitment to each other. Sexy!  

Go Out for Desserts

Eating out, especially on Valentine’s Day is just too pricey. Why not cook the family dinner together at home, put the kid(s) to sleep and then go out for desserts? Plenty of dessert places have popped up in the last few years around London too so we are lucky.  

Go for a walk

Going for a good old walk is always good for the soul. It gives you the chance to talk to each other and who knows you might even discover a new favourite spot.

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