Must read tips to enjoy your beach holiday with a toddler


A relaxing beach holiday in the sun is what holidays or vacation times are about.

But how to deal with a cranky toddler? 

It’s been hammered onto us that babies and toddlers are creatures of habits so one can understand that a new bed, new food, new faces, new climate and new everything else will send their stress levels up from the minute you step out of that plane.

Routines help them feel safe and so being out of their comfort zones, meltdowns and toddler drama should be expected. Saying that, you can take steps to minimise the stress by being more prepared and understanding where your toddler is coming from.  

Here’s how we survived and enjoyed a Beach Holiday with our toddler: 

  • If you are going halfway across the world, jet-lag will definitely play a part. Try to get a flight that will get you to your final destination in the late afternoon/evening time. This way, you can start helping your little one adjust to the time difference by letting them rest or sleep comfortably as soon as your arrive. Follow your normal sleep routine as much as possible before putting them down for the night. 
  • Speaking of routines, we decided to stay in one place or resort for at least a week before travelling on to a new place to help establish some kind of a routine or at least a sleep schedule for our little H. It took him at least 4 days to acclimatise and adjust to the new timezone. 
  • Prep your little one before travelling by taking them to play in a sand pit so that they will know what to do when they see the sand in the beach or are at least familiar with the texture of the sand. 
  • Little H did not touch any food that we offered him for the first four days. Apart from being overly cautious about trying out new foods (which is perfectly normal for toddlers), he also refused to eat familiar foods that he is used to eating back at home. Try not to worry too much as everything is so new, eating is probably the last thing that they have in mind. Once they get over the first ’shock’, they will hopefully accept more food.  
  • Get an air-conditioned room with a view. The outside world especially in peak seasons can get too overwhelming (and too hot) for the little ones and so having a nice cool room to retreat to and calm down is an essential. 
  • Last but not the least, DO expect toddler drama. A completely stress-free holiday is just not a realistic expectation to have and will only leave you disappointed. So best to forget about your relaxing holiday and focus on creating new memories as a family instead. 

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