Things to Consider when Choosing a Name

elf army name meaning

Thinking of names to give to your precious is one of the most laborious undertaking ever only for the obvious fact that your child will be carrying this name all his or her life. What’s important to remember is that although the child will own the name, the name that you choose will also say a lot about you (at least for the first few years of his or her life).

If you’re struggling to narrow down your list of names for your special little bundle of joy, here are some considerations to help you.


Some of the trendiest and coolest names around have the most bizarre meanings. Let’s take Olivia, a beautiful sounding name has been a long running British favourite (#1 girl’s name for 2016) actually means elf army, or Logan which means servant or insignificant.

elf army name meaning


Trends come and go. If you are thinking of naming your child after a popular celebrity consider how many people may have chosen the same name… while it’s inevitable to meet other people with the same name, it does get annoying to meet 6 Jen’s or Harry’s in one day for example.

To share or not to share

Decide earlier on as to whether you will be sharing the names you are thinking of with friends and families. Just know that they will ALWAYS know someone who know someone who has that name and there is something wrong with her or him.


There are names that look really nice when written down BUT what may seem like a simple and common name in Amsterdam may be a headache to pronounce here in the UK for example. As our planet is getting smaller and smaller perhaps try to think cross-culturally where possible. This is where choosing a trendy name might be helpful!



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